Who We Are:

The Washington Association of Senior Nutrition Programs (WASNP) is a professional organization with members working or experienced in the field of aging, community-based services, and nutrition.  The Association provides invaluable training, resources and networking to its members.

The purposes for which the Association was formed are:

  • To promote the development of any and all resources supportive of Nutrition Programs;
  • To promote effective communication between Nutrition Programs and federal, state, and local governmental bodies;
  • To promote professional growth and encourage the maintenance of high professional standards among members of the Association;
  • To promote effective communication and interaction between members of the Association and members of other related organizations, agencies and groups.

Washington Association of Senior Nutrition Programs

  • The 2019 Spring Education Meeting was held 4/25/19-4/26/19 in Vancouver, WA and hosted by Meals on Wheels People. Draft minutes (Word doc) from the meeting are attached.
  • If you have not yet paid you 2019 dues, please do so as soon as possible.  I have attached a membership form (PDF) for your convenience.
  • We all remember changing the bylaws (PDF) a few years ago to update dues and change number of annual meetings. It seems we never actually printed the new bylaws. Thanks to Cathy Visser for reviewing and printing the updated version. The are included here.  Please take a few minutes to look them over. We will formally confirm them at the fall meeting.